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As I have said before, I am a sucker for cool gadgets. Admittedly, they are probably only cool by my standards. To everyone else, they are just geeky. But, nevertheless, I love them. This is especially true for gadget watches.

If you read this previous post, you know what I am talking about.

I recently purchased a new gadget watch, and I just had to share my opinion on it. It has always frustrated me that there are so many seemingly cool gadgets available for sale on the Internet. But, finding a helpful review on them is next to impossible. I am always hesitant to buy something over the Internet unless I can read a review on the product. But, for this particular watch, I made an exception.

Without further adieu, here is my review of the A218 MP3 watch.

Different brands and styles of MP3 watches are available all over the Internet. I found this particular watch on eBay. If you browse around eBay you can find MP3 and MP4 watches with capacities of 256MB to 4GB. I wanted a simple MP3 watch with a descent storage capacity. But, I also wanted one that didn’t look like an MP3 player. It had to look like a regular dress watch so I could wear it to work and on an everyday basis.

The A218 MP3 Watch fit the bill. Take a look:

As you can see, it looks like a regular watch. But, there is so much more to it. It serves as a flash drive, an MP3 player, an FM radio, and a voice recorder! I’ll never be bored again.

One of the most amazing things about this watch is the storage capacity. It has 2GB of storage built-in. That’s enough for 400-500 MP3s and any files you need to take with you.

I’ve had the watch for a couple of weeks which has given me enough time to review all of the features. Here are my opinions…

MP3 Player:

I have been very impressed with the sound quality on this player. Some people, like myself, will be able to tell a slight difference in the sound quality of this player versus an iPod. But, then again, that could simply be attributed to the earbuds that come with this MP3 player. I will discuss more on that subject later. But, the MP3 player is simple to use. It’s really the best feature on this watch.

I should point out that when you add songs to this player, it will play them in the order that you add them, and will only play them in that order. You can’t rearrange them once they are on there. This might be a drawback if you already have 100-200 songs on there, and you want to add a new song to play first. You will have to delete all of your music, and then add them back on in the correct order. This can be a hassle if you really care about the order of your music.

FM Radio:

It’s a nice idea, but…

You can’t expect much out of this radio. Depending on your location, you may pick up more stations than other locations. But, the internal antenna leaves a lot to be desired. I am only able to pick up 3 or 4 stations, and I am in a good location for radio reception. The stations you can pick up will come in very clearly. But, as I said, there are very few of those. The FM radio isn’t that impressive.

Flash Drive:

It’s a simple plug and play USB flash drive. If you have ever used a flash drive, you know the drill. There is nothing different here. Once the watch is plugged in, it acts as a separate drive. You can drag and drop files, create and organize folders, etc.

Nothing. It is a basic 2GB flash drive. Everything works as it should.

Voice Recorder:

This has been very surprising. When I originally saw this on eBay, the voice recorder was a main focus of the seller’s description of the watch. He marketed it as a “Spy Voice Recorder.” I guess that is true since you can’t see the microphone at all. I still can’t find it! But, I didn’t think I would actually use this recorder.

I was wrong. I love the voice recorder! It is so handy for keeping notes and reminders. I have already used it several times. The sound quality is very good. Even if you hold the watch 12-18 inches away from your mouth, the microphone will still pick up your voice clearly. I have even recorded in a loud environment where there was a lot of noise in the background. Listening to the note, I could barely hear the background noise. My voice came through clearly.

There are two negative aspects to the voice recorder, and neither of them are very important. First, since the watch has no outer speaker, you have to plug up the headphones to hear your notes. You can also listen to them through your computer. Once, you plug up the watch to your computer, and open up the folders, you will see a folder named “Mic.” This is the folder where all of your voice notes are stored. You can simply open them from there and listen to them through your computer speakers. It would be nice, though, to not have to do any of this or plug up headphones. A speaker could come in handy.

The second problem is that, in order to record a note, you have to start the watch, wait for it to start up, put it in “record” mode, then press the record button. All-in-all, it takes about 20 seconds and 3 button-presses to do all of this. One-touch recording would be preferable. But, like I said, it isn’t a big deal.


The watch claims to have 5 equalizer settings, and even has a button labeled “EQ” (though this button also serves other functions). However, the differences in the Equalizer settings are so insignificant that you can’t really consider them an important function.


I specifically looked for an MP3 watch which didn’t look like an MP3 watch. That includes being the size of a normal watch. This one definitely is. It’s not too wide, and it fits well on my wrist. I guess my only slight complaint is…

It’s a little thicker than I thought it would be. Normal dress watches these days are ridiculously thin. It would be nice if this watch was equally as thin, but I suppose that is too much to ask for all of these features. The watch is about 5/8 inch thick, so it still can’t be defined as “bulky.” Also, once it is on my wrist, I hardly notice the thickness.

Ease of Use:

This is an interesting subject. Once you get the hang of it, all of the functions are very straightforward and easy to understand. The only problem is getting to the point where you understand how to use the watch.

The instructions that come with the watch are completely useless. The watch is made in China, so the instruction manual was originally written in Chinese. If you know anything about the language, you know that many things in Chinese don’t translate well into English. I am guess that the company used an automated translation system to print an “English” translation of the instructions. It’s really just random English words thrown together in a pseudo-sentence format. Like I said, the instructions are useless. You just have to play around with the watch, and figure out how everything works. I’m pretty good with just pressing random buttons, so I figured it out fairly quickly.

Data port/Headphone port:

This is an important topic, and something to consider before buying this item. As you can see in the picture below, the Data and Headphone port is on the side of the watch.

It is similar to the port on a 2nd Generation iPod shuffle due to the fact that it serves 2 different functions depending on the type of cable that is plugged into it. However, there is one crucial difference.

This is a 2.5mm port (Some people may refer to it as a 3/32 port). It will only accept a 2.5mm jack. iPods, CD players, and almost any other electronic device being made today use a 3.5mm (1/8) port. I’m not sure why the manufacturer did this, other than to save space. But, it creates a small problem. You cannot use your regular headphones with this watch. The watch comes with 2.5mm jack earbuds, and the quality of these earbuds is decent. Most people may be perfectly happy with them. But, for comfort reasons, I prefer to use rubber tipped earbuds. But, due to the 2.5mm port, I can’t use my regular earbuds. And, finding 2.5mm earbuds in retail stores is very difficult. If you want a different style of headphones, you may have to find them online.

This watch also comes with a USB data cable. One end is a male USB which plugs into your computer. The other end is a male 2.5mm jack which plugs into the watch. This cable is crucial to using the watch, but consider this. The cable is about 12 inches long. In order to use this watch as a flash drive, you have to carry this long cable everywhere. It’s not very convenient or portable.

This is a problem. But, I found the solution. You can read about it here.

Final Assessment:
Overall, I rate the A218 MP3 watch very positively. It is a purchase that is well worth the money. In fact, the price is probably the best part. I found this watch on eBay for $25. That includes shipping!

$25 for all of these features? It’s a fantastic deal!

(You can find the A218 on eBay listed as: 2GB SPY VOICE RECORDER FM FLASH DRIVE MP3 WATCH A218)


At 3/24/08, 6:19 PM , Blogger michael said...

I have recently bout the a218 mp3 voice recorder watch. the watch came with a damage CD rom. I cant seem to get the watch to work. I have sent the Seller emails to re send another CD rom by mail or as an attachment, if that is possible. Can anyone tell me if the watch requires the CD rom to actually work, or did I buy a lemon watch through the internet?


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