The m500 ***UPDATED***

I'll admit it. I’m kind of a nerd. This is especially apparent when it comes to my love of gadgets. Geek-chic, techy gadgets have always fascinated me. I’m a sucker for them.

Most of the time, you can see me sporting one of these gadgets on my wrist, because I also happen to be a huge sucker for gadget watches.

My primary watch is a Casio PRG70T.

This watch has it all. It’s a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer, a stopwatch…oh yeah, it tells time too. It’s not as though I use all of these functions on a daily basis. But, it’s certainly comforting to know that they are there…just in case.

Of course, a lot of people are sporting watches similar to this one. I like to also find watches that very few people are going to be wearing. They are unique not only in their style, but in their function as well. Here are a couple of my more eccentric watches.

This one is called Alien, and it’s made by a company called Android. If you have ever seen the film, Equilibrium, you’ll probably recognize this watch. It made a couple of brief cameos on Christian Bale’s wrist.

But, the most unusual watch I have, by far has got to be…

…the Scope. It’s manufactured by TokyoFlash. Most people can’t even figure out how to read the time on it, but you get used to it after a while.

But, why am I saying all of this? Well, I have just become aware of a new watch. This is the one I have been waiting for most of my life. I have to have it:

That’s right. It is a cell phone watch. The m500 by SMS Technology. Over the past few years, there have been attempts at manufacturing such a watch. But, all of the predecessors suffered from a similar fatal flaw. They were all too big!

A watch like this must have full functionality, ease-of-use, flexible usage for different cell phone providers, all packaged in a very small form factor. You can see why this has been a difficult achievement.

But, I think the m500 answers all of these issues. Obviously, I don’t own it yet, so I can’t properly review it. But, from what I have seen and read, this is the cell phone watch I have been waiting for.

It has a speaker-phone with optional Bluetooth headset capability, full phone functionality for sending and receiving calls or texts, a full color touch-screen, it’s SIM card ready and unlocked to work with virtually every carrier, and a decent battery life. And, to top it all off, it’s small!

Someone on YouTube purchased one, and created a few videos which show off the watch’s capabilities. Check these out:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

The major downside at this point is the price tag. The lowest prices I have been able to find are on eBay for around $800. That’s more than an iPhone! Perhaps the price will come down in the future. But, for now, I guess I’ll just have to stick with my RAZR.

Side Note: My birthday is on April 3.

I have been informed that Tronicvasion.com is selling the m500 for a mere $500!


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